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Current issue

Vol. 28 No. 1-2

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If you are a member and have provided the IES with a valid email address, you should have received emails containing the codes with which to access this issue. If you have not received such an email, please contact the IES Treasurer, Tatyana Smirnova. Many members do not receive these access codes because they have not provided the IES with a currently valid email.

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Table of Contents:

  • Editorial by Laila Mosina

  • IES Business

    • Letter of the President

    • New IES Executives

  • Guest of the issue

    • Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at High Magnetic Fields
      by Thomas Prisner

  • Present meets future

    • Double Interview with John McCracken and Matthew Krzyaniak
      edited by Sabine Van Doorslaer

  • New EPR faculty

    • Alexey Silakov, Joseph Zadrozny, Michael Lerch, and Sebastian Stoian
      edited by Candice Klug

  • Software

    • mtsslSuite – a software package to interpret PELDOR/DEER distance distributions in terms of macromolecular structure
      by Gregor Hagelueken

  • New books and journals

    • Self-Assembled Organic-Inorganic Nanostructures – Optics and Dynamics Tuning Semiconducting and Metallic Quantum Dots – Spectroscopy and Dynamics
      Edited by: Christian von Borczyskowski and Eduard Zenkevich

  • Tips & techniques

    • EPR and its pharmaceutical applications
      by: Kalina Ranguelova and Ralph Weber

  • In memoriam

    • Charles P. Poole Jr. (1927–2015)
      by: Sushil Misra, Harvey A. Buckmaster and Larry Berliner

    • John Michael Baker (1930–2017)
      by: Mark Newton and John Pilbrow

    • Kálmán Hideg (1934–2018)
      by: Periannan Kuppusamy and Larry Berliner

    • Charles P. Slichter (1924–2018)
      by: David C. Ailion and John Pilbrow

  • Tips & techniques

  • Conference Reports

    • Annual International Conference "Modern Development of Magnetic Resonance-2017" (MDMR2017)
      by Kev M. Salikhov and Violeta K. Voronkova

  • Readers corner

    • Pre and post tests. What to ask, why, and the results
      by: Reef Morse

  • Market place

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