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Vol. 28 No. 3

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Table of Contents:

  • Editorial by Laila Mosina

  • Awards

    • Interview with Professor Sabine Van Doorslaer on the Occasion of Her Bruker Award 2018

    • Interview with Professor Daniella Goldfarb on the Occasion of Her IES Gold 2017

    • Interview with Professor Wolfgang Lubitz on the Occasion of His IES Fellowship 2017

    • IES Young Investigator Award 2017
      by Fazhan Shi

  • In memoriam

    • George Feher (1924–2017)
      by Wolfgang Lubitz

    • Thoughts on George Feher
      by Klaus Möbius, James P. Allen, R. David Britt, Ralph Weber, Art Heiss, Peter Höfer, Gareth Eaton, Sandra Eaton, Marco Flores, Jack Freed, Daniella Goldfarb, Brian Hoffman, Martina Huber, Jürgen Hüttermann, Roger Isaacson, Lowell D. Kispert, Maria-Elisabeth Michel-Beyerle, Rudolph A. Marcus, Hitoshi Ohta, Melvin Y. Okamura, Thomas Prisner, Kev M. Salikhov, Charles P. Scholes, Johann-Martin Spaeth, Laila V. Mosina, and Rachel Nechushtai

  • Letter to the Editor

    • The impact of George Feher's five years at Bell Labs on my career
      by James S. Hyde

  • Conference Reports

    • The 51st Annual International Meeting of the RSC ESR Group
      by Ilya Kuprov

  • New EPR faculty

    • John Franck
      edited by Candice Klug

  • New books and journals

    • EPR Spectroscopy. Fundamentals and Methods
      Editors: Daniella Goldfarb and Stefan Stoll

  • Market place

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